Design Process

A Typical Business Website Design Process

While no two websites are exactly alike, the process below could be considered a typical experience for a full business website. Single-page designs would, of course, be much quicker. In all cases, after determining the client’s website requirements, we can give a very accurate estimate of the final delivery date.

Initial ApprovalDay 1

Discuss Project Scope and Goals

  • Learn about clients business and goals of website.
  • Talk about design and layout. Are there other websites that client likes?
  • What features does the client want, e.g., contact forms, pop-ups, slider, etc.
First DraftDay 7

First Demo of Design and Layout

  • Discuss demo with client. Is this close to what you’re looking for or do we need to go a different direction?
  • Go over changes desired in detail.
  • Talk with client about content and information they need to provide for project. What photos or other media will they provide? Should we use stock photos or videos?
Apply ChangesDays 7 To 14

Apply Agreed Upon Changes

  • Build final website based on client input.
  • Consult with client during this process as questions arise or content is needed from client.
  • Make final tweaks to color scheme, fonts and layout.
Final DraftDay 14

Final Draft Ready For Approval

  • Present final draft to client.
  • Make any last minute changes.
  • Get client approval to “go live”.
Go LiveAfter Final Approval

Go Live

  • Move website to production server if needed.
  • Enable Google Analytics and other SEO tools.
  • Enable any social media links and sharing.